Where Beer Meets Grill August 2013

Caper Salmon Cake with Penn Weizenbock

Brewery Location: Pittsburgh, PA   ABV: 8.5%   Style: Weizenbock

Tasting and Pairing: Seafood takes naturally to weizens, and our salmon cake studded with roasted red pepper, onion and celery, topped with a creamy caper aioli is no exception! Penn Weizenbock is a summery brew with a great body and hints of clove and a noticeable banana aroma. It is a bright contrast to the richness of the salmon and its sauce. This brew is a seasonal offering and it does have great drinkability and has a higher ABV than it portrays in mouth feel.

Grilled Watermelon Salad with Sly Fox Grisette

Brewery: Phoenixville, PA   ABV: 5.6%   Style: Farmhouse/Saison

Tasting and Pairing: This Bocktown favorite has just the right balance of savory and sweet! The sweetness of the watermelon is contrasted by Bermuda onion, lemon, mint and the saltiness of feta cheese. The Sly Fox Grisette blends in nicely here, with its own farm fresh aroma of citrus and hops, along with a dry carbonated finish on the tongue to stand up to the salad. This beer has also been one of our summer favorites, easy drinking and deliciously different than many saisons we have had.

North Shore Dogs with Victory Hop Devil

Brewery Location: Downingtown, PA   ABV: 6.7 ABV   Style: American IPA

Tasting and Pairing:  We couldn’t resist the word ‘victory’ here and had to find a great pairing for this fun summer treat! Who doesn’t love a corndog? Chef Michael has hit a home run with this snack. Taste the heat of the jalapeno cornbread and the spice of the Ricci’s kielbasa dog along with a great big sip of Victory Hop Devil. This craft brew is highly rated and stands up to bold flavors with its own strengths. Hop Devil is a benchmark for the style. It has a great malt backbone that rounds out the beer. The citrusy hops are forward in the aroma and flavor. We are proud that this world class IPA is from Pennsylvania!