LET YOUR SERVER BE YOUR PERSONAL SHOPPER (Over 400 gift ideas here at Bocktown!)

Solid Seasonal Six Packs $18- Breckenridge Christmas- Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout(4pack)- Brooklyn Winter- Harpoon Winter Warmer- Lancaster Winter Warmer- O’Fallon’s Cherry Chocolate Stout- Penn St. Nick Bock- Southern Tier Old Man Winter- Tommy Knocker Cocoa Porter- Wolaver’s Alta Gracia Coffee Porter- Weyerbacher Winter- Woodchuck Winter Cider- 21st Amendment Fireside Chat

$22- Abita Christmas- Anchor Christmas- Anderson Valley Winter Solstice- Bell’s Christmas- Boulder Never Summer- Great Lakes Christmas- Great Divide Hibernation- Ithaca Cold Front- New Holland Cabin Fever- Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve- Sam Smith Winter Welcome(4pack)

$35- Corsendonk Christmas(4pack)- Delerium Noel(4pack)- Gouden Carolus Noel(4pack)

Big Bottles (These make great housewarming or grab bag gifts!)

Delerium Noel  $16   Gouden Carolus Noel $16

J.K. Scrumpy’s Winter Solstice  $11   Rogue Yellow Snow $10

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve $10   Penn St. Nick Bock Brewer’s Reserve $10

Sly Fox Christmas Ale $10

Gift Packs (For the beer lover in your life)

Chimay Gift Pack -3 11.7 oz bottles and 1 glass $42

Ommegang Gift Pack– 3 25 oz cage top bottles and one glass $49

Lindeman Gift Pack– 2 11.7 oz bottles and one glass $27

Schneider Gift Pack- 5 16 oz bottles and 1 glass $60

Sam Smith Selection Box- 3 18.7 oz bottles and 1 glass $29

Unibroue Variety Pack – 8 12 oz bottles $40

American Craft Variety Packs– 12 12 oz bottles $25

Corsendonk Gift Pack– 2 12oz bottles and 1 glass $28

Duvel Gift Pack– 4 bottles and 1 glass $32

Shmaltz Holiday Gift Pack– 8 12oz bottles and 1 glass $50