Hello Podcamp attendees!

Thank you for taking the interest in Bocktown and our social media addiction.

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Discussion points:

Do not be afraid, there is always a delete button.

Be human. Let them see your good times and bad.

Create soldiers for your brand.

Spend a few minutes with tutorials for hootsuite, twitter and facebook.  There are amazing tools to reach a wide audience.

You can do all of this from a smart phone, or tab computer.

Use hashtags.

Allow others to post for you, create adminstrators.

Create a company policy about social media.

Create dynamic content. Pose questions, run polls, contests, and do respond to questions asked.

Foursquare, beerby and other location based publicity.

QR Codes and mobile web integration into your brand.

Twitterfalls and other public tricks!

Look also at TabbedOut and the story it created for us. Garner publicity.