Monaca Office Supply Inventory






Scotch Tape/3 rolls/4 rolls

Masking Tape/ 3 rolls/2 rolls

Envelopes/ 1/2 box/ 1 box

Staples/1 box/2 boxes

White Paper/4 reams/ 2 reams

Colored Paper/1 ream/2 reams

PNC Merchant # 178211496991

2 ply P250 Bar-Kitchen Printer Paper/2 boxes/ 1 1/3 boxes

Thermal Paper T77TH/2 boxes/1 boxes

Bar-Kitchen Printer Ink Epson ERC BK-RED /12 cartridges/ 4 cartridges

Computer Printer Ink/3 cartridges/0 cartridge

Self-Laminating Sheets/12 sheets/ 1 box

Chalk/2 Packs/ 1 box

Free Flat Belly Cards/4 dozen/  0 box

Dry Erase Markers/4 markers/ 6 packs

Sharpies/ 1 box/ 1 box

25% off first growler fill cards/4 dozen/ 2 boxes

Buddy Pass Cards/4 dozen/ 0

Bocktown Paper /4 reams/7 reams

Gift card holders/ 2 dozen/ 98 (47 downstairs)

Check Presenters/44 (total in and out of service)/ (27 black books (27 in service/0 in storage)/12 grey trays (12 in service/5 in storage)