The Place for Kids

Perfect options for kids ages 10 and under.
Rav-A-Dava Doozie 6.99

Handmade cheese stuffed ravioli in our robust tomato sauce with a piece of garlic toast.

Bird Feathers 5.99

Chickens don’t have fingers, but they do have feathers. Ours will tickle your tummy. Served with fresh cut fries.

Say Cheese 4.99

Our grilled cheese toasted to please, served with fresh cut fries and a pickle.

Justa Little ’Burgher 5.99

‘Lettuce’ know if you would like a tomato…Served with fresh cut fries and a pickle.
Add cheese ~ $1

Dragon Wings 5.99

Half portion of our West End Wings, tossed in any one of our Sauces N’at. Served with Ranch Dressing.

Little Belly Fries 2.99

A basket of our fresh cut fries with a few extras for sharing!

Momma Says Eat Your Veggies 2.99
Smash ‘Em Up Potatoes 2.99
Rice Is Nice 2.99
Justa Little Salad 2.99

Sauces N’At

Bocktown BBQ
Beef Gravy
Robust Tomato
Too Garlicky
Italian Dressing
Sweet Heat
Bleu Cheese Dressing
Ranch Dressing
Untouchable Sauce