Rivertowne Brewing

Scheduled for Mar 26, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Robinson in Special Events & Tasting


Meg Seastadt presents Ninkasi’s Nectar, an all-female collaboration brew made in honor of Women’s History month. You don’t want to miss this Chocolate Rye Stout

About the brewers:

Jessica Smith
I’ve lived in the Pittsburgh area all my life.  I’m a programmer/report developer for a local payroll company. I’ve been home brewing for 4 years now.  My husband persuaded me to give it a go – now I’m hooked! In home brewing the possibilities are endless.  Learning and working with all different kinds of yeast, grain, and hops has really given me a new perspective in appreciating beer.  I’m currently working on getting certified through the BJCP.

Dana Staudt
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I moved away a few times, but always made my way back to the area.  I traveled for a few years out of college doing archaeological digs, where my supervisor was an investor of Weyerbacher Brewing.  It was over these years I developed my taste for craft beers and was introduced to the book by Charlie Papazian, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing .  I bought a homebrewing kit for the first time about six year ago and did a few home brew batches on my own. I’m currently the Secretary of TRUB and studying to be a certified beer judge through the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP).

Meg Seastedt
I got my start at Southern Tier Brewing Company in 2010 gluing boxes and labeling beer bottles. That led me to their bottling line. After a short stint in Oregon at OSU, I moved back to take a position as Cellarman again at STBC. I moved to Pittsburgh in the fall of 2012 to accept a position at Rivertowne Brewing Co. as brewer at the brewpub location – Rivertowne Pourhouse. I am also a certified beer server through the Cicerone Organization.