New Brew: Noble Stein

Scheduled for Nov 16, 2016 at 6:00 PM at Robinson in Tasting




It all started in a garage.

We had each homebrewed before. Then, one day we brought all of our ideas and recipes to Alex’s garage.

We started out using home brew kits in a simple five-gallon kettle, but our excitement and want for more grew rapidly. So, Alex designed a mini brewing system featuring a 20 gallon hot liquor tank, mash/lauter tun, and boil kettle. With a strategically engineered, gravity-fed brewing system, we began experimenting with multiple varieties of hops, malts, yeasts etc. until our beer recipes were perfect.

It was inevitable that the idea of a brewery would cross our minds one day and, when it did, it felt like a noble idea to pursue.

With 20 years of collective brewing experience, we decided to start brewing with the intent of bringing Indiana the beer they deserve.


The name Noble Stein originated with a discussion of the values and ideals that we possess and believe are essential to producing quality products. Noble concisely indicates a strong sense of integrity among our team. The beers that we produce maintain this same trait, with no compromises in the production process.

Noble also reflects a certain level of reverence and appreciation—an exceptional quality, if you will. This level of appreciation continues to flourish in the craft beer community, and we aim to sow additional seeds to support this movement. Coincidentally, Noble also refers to a family of wild European hops, tying beer in nicely with our name.

A beer stein is viewed as a reference to the long-standing tradition of beer consumption as a vital element of culture. Nostalgic items such as steins serve as reminders of the cultural journey that beer has made providing necessary context for the growth of the industry in the future.

The combination of these terms results in a high quality product produced with recognition of tradition alongside a quality-focused anticipation of growth. This is Noble Stein Brewing Company, in a nutshell.