Hitchhiker Brewing

Scheduled for Aug 13, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Monaca in Tasting



This boutique brewery opened in May in Mt. Lebanon. You are in for a treat. Read more about their early success in the Post Gazette.

Tasting will feature

Drifter 004 Keystone Common: This beer is an homage to the California Common style (Think Anchor’s Steam Beer) but takes a twist on German American heritage we have in Pennsylvania. This is a malt forward beer with some floral hops and bready yeast character.
Stats:  4.2% ABV and 33.4 IBUS

Barn Noir Black Saison: This beer is an adaptation created by Belgian breweries in the 1950s to be sold during the winter months.  Just like our house Saison (Soles) it has a peppery, spicy yeast character, with some fruity components brought out by the dark malt.  It is higher in alcohol content to better match Winter which is when it will be a more regular beer. Moderate hops earthy, spicy hops balance the beer but do not outshine the malt and yeast aromas and flavors.
Stats:  6.2% ABV and 38.3 IBUS