Brewtus Brewers

Scheduled for Nov 17, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Monaca in Tasting


The idea for Brewtus Brewing Company started in 2012 in John’s garage brewing on a home built Brutus-10 style brewing system. However, back in Christmas of 2005, Jason received his first brewing equipment kit as a present. Jason claims to have started brewing as a poor college kid who had a taste for $140 a case Belgian beer. The kit consisted of a couple buckets and a pot to boil on the stove and a couple other necessary tools. Determined to conquer the poor college kid blues, Jason set out on brewing beer to his own taste, never using a kit, and diving head first into a Belgian Dubbel style beer from a recipe the he created based on things he read. While, he recalls the beer being “drinkable” he decided to pick up and read every book and piece of information he could get his hands on.

After a dozen or so batches on the stove, Jason called his uncle John to help devise a better all grain brewing system.  We started out with a reused Sankey keg, that we cut a hole in the top and put in a few ball valves and thermometers to boil in, and 10 gallon Gott style Igloo cooler to mash in. The first beer was an English style IPA and was actually not too bad!  As the beer developed and desire to produce consistent results, we built the companies namesake, a Brutus-10 style system. It opened up worlds of brewing possibilities and eventually the beer became pretty consistent and people said, you guys should open a brewery! The idea was scoffed at for a while, but eventually we caught the bug, and said maybe we can figure this out!

In 2012 the name Brewtus Brewers was born. In 2013 we found and purchased our building at 23 Chestnut St in Sharon, PA. Jason, his fiancé Shelby, John and his wife Patty, set out on what would be a nearly 2 year journey in opening our brewpub. After a metric ton of work and construction put into the building, acquiring a 7 barrel brew system, hard marketing, and persistence the brewpub is set to open in late spring of 2015. We will of course offer our beer brewed on premise, but also a selection of wines from the state, and old fashion root beer made on premise as well. Did we mention the food? Brewtus will offer 8” artisan pizzas, hand crafted sandwiches and burgers, and charcuterie platters all with our own twist.

On behalf of Jason, Shelby, John, & Patty, Welcome to Brewtus Brewing Company!