Bloom Brew

Scheduled for Apr 26, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Robinson in Tasting


“We love our craft … you will love our beer” declares Bloom Brew

According to co-owner and brewer Steve Denk, Bloom Brew will be licensed in the next 6-8 weeks. They are hard at work brewing 48 different beers and will be bringing 8 beers for the tasting with co-owner Jeff Bloom.

At Bocktown, we love our homebrewing friends  — and are proud to share their tasty wares.

UPDATE: From Bloom Brew on FB- From their facebook post:

We finally made a decision of what we are bringing to Robinson and Monaca . 1. Skirpsquatch… Is it a hairy beast? No it’s our seasonal ale made with kumquats. 2. River Trail Raspberry Ale. 3. Mad Dr Denk’s English Bitters. and yes you would have to be mad not to enjoy this favorite. 4. Down the Hatch. Made with New Mexico Hatch chili peppers that have been fire roasted. 5. Black Bog. A beer so dark you would think it’s from a Scottish bog but drinks so damn smooth you’ll be wanting more. 6. Zante’s Peak. A saison made with Zante currants and lemon rind. 7. SNewton ale. A new pale ale with just enough I.B.U’S. 8. Shake and Stutter Sour. Made with tart cherries and English oak. This one has been sitting for a couple of months and is going to be one of our barrel aged beers. I hope you can handle all of the flavors we’ll be bringing.