Beaver County Homebrewers

Scheduled for Apr 27, 2013 at 1:00 PM at Monaca in Special Events & Tasting

Join the Beaver County Homebrewers for an afternoon of tasting ala 724! Meet, greet and taste with the brewers and sip on some of their hand crafted brews.

“Founded in 2012, the Beaver County Homebrew Club is still in its infancy. However, this hasn’t deterred
us from gaining interest from a large contingent of fellow Beaver County home brewers. Our club
was created in order to celebrate every aspect of beer with an emphasis on home brewing. We have
members at every level of brewing experience from over fifteen years to someone who just assisted
with their first brew session. We are a group of people who enjoy educating others while increasing
our knowledge about our favorite hobby – brewing beer. Our club members will share their knowledge,
skills, equipment, and homebrew with anyone interested in learning more about beer.” – BCHB