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Scheduled for Apr 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM at Robinson in Tasting

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All of our brews are 100% naturally gluten-free. We test each of our ingredients to ensure our beer is pure and safe. And, of course, we drink it to make sure we like it.

We set out to honor the spirit of the Aurochs, a legendary beast that roamed the wild countryside thousands of years ago. We brew with ancient, untamed grains to impart complex flavors shaped by generations of growth in the wilderness. We develop our own unique, original recipes that hark back to a time when man and beast refused to give up a life of freedom. Our commitment to quality ensures that every beer is naturally gluten-free and brewed from only the purest ingredients. We give our consumers the right to choose something wild and untamed because, much like the Aurochs, our beers are Never Domesticated. Always Free.

The Aurochs Belgian Pale Ale (14 IBU/4.6% ABV)
The Aurochs Belgian Style Pale Ale is a well balanced, sessionable ale brewed with a mix of pale, munich and dark malts. Deep red in color with a slight roasted note, the Double A is brewed with Styrian Golding & Casade hops. The citrus and grapefruit notes are stronger on the nose and at first sip than its 14 IBU would otherwise suggest. Great with a burger or for enjoying a few beers with friends, this Belgian style Pale Ale might be my personal favorite!

The Aurochs Coffee Porter
(13 IBU/4.8% ABV)
Created in the image of the companies namesake, the Aurochs Coffee Porter has a strong character and distinct profile – like the muscular morillo on the shoulders of fighting bulls that make them so powerful and so dangerous. Steeped with coffee and brewed with dark, munich and pale malts has the strong roasty character and the dark, unique profile that is new to gluten-free beer.

The Aurochs White 
(12 IBU/4.7% ABV)
Citrus notes of orange team with coriander and combined with Saaz and Tettnang hops to create our light and refreshing Aurochs White. The yeast adds a complexity to the beer, brewed with pale malt and quinoa. Great with mussels, fried potatoes or salads the Aurochs White has slight quinoa finish that makes the beer very unique.

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