Alley Brewing

Scheduled for Aug 7, 2013 at 6:00 PM at Robinson in Tasting

Meet, greet and taste with the brewers of Alley brewing from Cranberry, Pa., Chris Leber, Josh Hays, and Eric Bedont!

Featured Tasting Beers:

Reunited Session IPA
Hop Dusted Imperial IPA
Porch Sit Belgian IPA
ASL Blonde Ale
Trolley 68 Dark Belgian Tripel
  Chris Leber, Josh Hays, and Eric Bedont.
The founders of Alley Brewing: Chris Leber, Josh Hays, and Eric Bedont first met in the early 90s
in Port Vue, PA. As they got into their high school and college years, the three of them spent a great
deal of their free time sitting in the backyard around a fire or on a porch talking about starting a
business. These talks evolved to where they would later involve drinking craft beer and a dream came
alive. The three of them wanted to make their own beer and share it with others. After much research,
Chris attended a homebrew class at Porterhouse Brew Shop in Portersville, PA to learn how to extract
brew. He took his knowledge back to Eric and Josh and within a months’ time they had their own
equipment and were doing their first extract brew.
Not too long after this first brew they wanted to try their hand at all-grain brewing. They built their first
cooler converted mash tun and were on their way. Over the course of the next 2 years they converted
all of their extract recipes to all-grain and created over a half dozen new all-grain recipes. They now
have the capacity to brew 15 gallon all-grain batches. The names that have been chosen for these beers
and the brewery itself hold a certain significance to McKeesport, PA and its surrounding areas. The
name Alley Brewing represents the infamous red light district that thrived on Brick Alley in McKeesport
from the 1930’s through the 1950’s.
So, where do they go from here? Currently they are in the process of sharing their brewing
experiences through social media outlets, people who have tasted their beers, and by word of mouth.
They want to not only learn how to make people aware of the beer and inspirations but to learn from
those who have done it before them. They are building up their beer inventory to share with craft beer
lovers at future tastings. From there they would like to look into generating a plan of action in order to
determine what the next step is for them to carry on their dream. What is that dream? It is to one day
launch a brew pub that can not only create quality beer but to bring fresh local offerings to the
community by using local ingredients, people, ideas and inspirations.