The “17th Tap” Homebrewer Showcase : An All Week Long Event!

Scheduled for Apr 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM at Monaca and Robinson in Special Events

Seven days a week, we put our passion where our pints are, with 16 taps of always rotating American craft beer. During Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, we are proud to give the spotlight to the masterful and dedicated home brewers that keep the passion flowing outside of the breweries and taverns.

Our “17th Tap” will be available most everyday during PCBW at 7pm. We will feature the day’s selected homebrew on our tap list, and offer a free 4oz sample until it runs out to all of our over 21 customers! All of those lucky enough to taste the goods will receive a brief questionnaire that provides them with a way to give each showcased brewer feedback on their brew. The brewers want this feedback, and you can participate anonymously, as well as socially with them about your experience with their beer!

Our Featured Homebrewers:


4/20   Brody Nasse – Belgian Dubbel 8.8%

4/21    Andy Kwiatkowski – “It’s Not Yella, It’s Brahn”  English Mild 3.7%

4/22   Chris Brunetti – Coffee Stout 7.4%

4/23   Brian Reed – ” ‘Merican Home Drank IPA” American IPA 6%

4/24   Jeff Bloom – “Motueka Bazooka” 6.3 %  IPA brewed with all Motueka hops from New Zealand.

4/25   Jack Smith – “Hammond’s Cane”  American Amber Ale 5.2%

 4/27   Malcolm Frazer – Sour Mashed Belgian Wit 5%


4/20   Bill Oates – “Scorched Earth” Black IPA 8.2%

4/21   Jeff Bloom – “Zante’s Peak” Saison. 8.1%. Belgian farmhouse style saison made with zante currants, lemon rind and green bullet hops.

4/22   Trevor Garside – “”Award Winning Pale Ale” 4.5%”

4/23   Chris Brunetti – Coffee Stout 7.4%

4/24   Andy Kwiatkowski – “It’s Not Yella, It’s Brahn” English Mild 4.2%

4/27   Mike Beattie – “Rosemary Pale Ale” 4.6%