Aged Bottle Event

Scheduled for Jul 25, 2016 at 3:00 PM at Robinson in Special Events


Aged Bottle Event on July’s Christmas Day – Monday July 25th at 3pm + 2006 and 2010 EAST END Gratitude on tap!

Join us for an Aged BOTTLED Beer Event at 3 pm until ? Until we run out?* Check out these great bottles listed below! If you can’t come, you may want to let someone know you want these for an early Christmas present, and send someone as a stand in! They will sell out. In addition, there will be limits on number of bottles you can purchase of any one style, and there will be no waiting in long lines! We do have exact number of tickets for the bottles, and we will pass them out, first come first serve beginning at 3 pm sharp. That reserves your right to purchase them, and when you leave, you can choose not to purchase, and we will open them back up to another guest. (Like our KBS event!)

AND a reason all its own to come out, we actually will have 2006 AND 2010 East End Gratitude on Tap. These are high gravity and highly sought after brews! Amazing quality. Limit will be one 4 ounce per person per vintage.*