Pittsburgh Restaurant Week 2013

Scheduled for Aug 18, 2013 in Events & Special Events

In our quest to savor quality homemade food and craft beer, we have met thousands of  people in Pittsburgh and around the country who dedicate their lives to the art of cooking, purveying, consuming and falling in love with the tasty cuisine that Pittsburgh has to offer. This week, visit a locally owned restaurant, order a fresh plate of Pittsburgh creativity and tip a glass of ‘Burgh brew in honor of everyone who works, plays, eats and drinks so hard to strengthen the roots of  the Pittsburgh food scene!


 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week 2013

Join us this week to celebrate and experience PRW, the Bocktown way! In honor of those in the Steel City that dedicate their lives to the passion of cooking and brewing,  Chef Michael will be hard at work creating a summery edition of Where Beer Meets Grill, an expertly matched tapas and beer pairing experience with regional brews and the season’s best flavor.

The entire week we will also be highlighting our region’s craft beer artisans on all 16 taps.

We will have a complimentary beer sampling at 6 pm on Tuesday with East End Brewing Company in Monaca and Wednesday with Fat Head’s Brewery in Robinson.

We will also be featuring grass fed beef from Fields of Grace Farm in the latter part of the week!

Please note that both restaurants may have varying and different versions of WBMG throughout the week and specific tasting notes will accompany your purchase. Selections may change on availability.

Please check out the current daily feature menus are online at:

www.bocktown.com/robinson  www.bocktown.com/monaca

Note draft and food selections will change quite frequently throughout the week! Cheers.