Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Showcase with The Gypsy Lights

Scheduled for Apr 11, 2015 at 3:00 PM at Monaca in Music


Serving up indie ear-candy with a healthy dose of 70s folk-rock, The Gypsy Lights deliver a classic sound with a modern perspective.  A boy-girl duo with a message of peace, The Gypsy Lights marry the vocal styles of Cat Stevens and Joni Mitchell with the political ideals of John Lennon and the energetic melodies of Billy Joel.  Sonically rooted in lyrical retro pop, morally rooted in the harmony of equality, the duo aims to reignite baby-boomer optimism and offer a spark of social revolution to a new generation.  The Gypsy Lights are an Indie Retro Folk Pop Duo.

If Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey stepped into a time machine together, and set the dial for 1972 with the intention of writing music instead of jokes, the result would sound a lot like The Gypsy Lights.  Formed when an Arab boy met a Southern belle at a gay pride festival in Seattle, the duo has been inseparable from the beginning.  The two began touring the United States almost immediately, playing everywhere from sweaty Portland basements to DC hurricane parties and everywhere in between.  Inspired by the anti-war and civil rights movements of the 1960s, these peace-mongering troubadours offer a progressive message that encourages standing up for human rights and against socioeconomic disparity.

Given the duo’s vegetarian lifestyle, it is appropriate that this message comes in a form that is not only easy to digest but is also a pleasure to enjoy.  Live onstage, The Gypsy Lights deliver hooky sing-along folk anthems that are upbeat and uplifting.  Peppered with intimate stories of their travels and travails on the road, the live act adds a human dimension to the duo’s poetic lyricism.  Sexy but classy, classic but modern, The Gypsy Lights aim to revive the wonder of a generation through song.

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