Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Showcase with the Fantastic Sensations

Scheduled for Apr 23, 2016 at 3:00 PM at Monaca in Music


Brandon Sook and Kurt Brahm, formerly of Euphonic Brew, bring you the Fantastic Sensations

B. Sook has spent the last 10 years touring the region as singer/songwriter/bassist of rock band, Euphonic Brew. He now channels his melodic and diverse musical styles through his new solo project.

The Fantastic Sensations are the actual creators of the music itself, what is felt during the birth of that creation, and the emotions the listener will feel while the music grooves into their ears. These sensations can be good, bad, complex, uplifting and even spiritual. When welcomed with an open mind, they are known to cleanse the soul. Anyone can be their own creator, leader and/or listener of these sensations.

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