Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Showcase with Ray Lanich Band

Scheduled for Feb 13, 2016 at 3:00 PM at Monaca in Music


Ray Lanich Band was formed by Ray Lanich in September 2012 and features Ray Lanich (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Paul Tunis (Bass), and Steve Gramley (Drums, Backing Vocals). Ray is from Erie, PA; Paul is from Lancaster, PA; Steve is from Edinboro, PA; but all the guys currently reside in the Pittsburgh area. Despite the band’s relatively short tenure, their high-energy stage show has already earned them a seat as one of Pittsburgh’s best live bands.

They have performed live on the 102.5 FM WDVE Coffeehouse (Pittsburgh), 97.7 FM The Rock Station (Butler), and are frequently featured on Mornings with Mojo & AC on 100.9 FM WRKT Rocket 101 (Erie). They have performed at The Pittsburgh Marathon, SouthSide Works Summer Concert Series, Butler Downtown Summer Concert Series, Great Lakes Brewing Burning River Fest, Mr. Smalls Theatre, Club Café, Sherlock’s, plus countless bars and clubs all over western PA and eastern Ohio.

Ray’s songwriting is quite eclectic. Whether he is writing something in the classic-rock tradition, something funky, something bluesy, or something grassroots/country, he somehow manages to retain his own personality and style seamlessly. You add Paul and Steve’s amazing playing and arranging skills to the mix, and the end product is a band with songs that are as technically proficient as they are extremely approachable and catchy!

Their stage show is just as entertaining. Ray has the energy of ten men and plays rhythm and lead guitar with fluid grace all while singing his heart out. Once Paul takes the stage with his five-string bass in hand and aviator sunglasses on, he becomes an “entity” that supplies the low end frequencies like an absolute boss. The only thing more bad ass than Steve’s beard, is his “in the pocket” drum grooves and awesome backing vocals.