Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Showcase with Earth by Train

Scheduled for May 23, 2015 at 3:00 PM at Monaca in Music

Earth by Train

Earth By Train’s is a sound that pulls you in close and won’t let you go, and that’s exactly how they like it. Anthony Wayne’s vocals are soothing and energetic, full of feeling. They grab your attention and take you for a ride, aride that is fueled by two talented guitarists. Robbie Mabe and Aaron Lee take control of their guitars, rocketing riffs that keep you coming back for more, driving melodies deep into your core. Anchoring this powerhouse is Mackenzie Carter on bass and Anthony LoBiondo on drums. Carter’s no nonsense bass attack and LoBiondo’s energy-filled drumming lay that in-your-face foundation, brick by brick, that is Earth By Train.

Earth By Train was built in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia, home to the mountain country and bluegrass sound, where local bands, even the rock bands all have the same familiar sound.  Earth By Train, like a Phoenix from the ashes, became a clear signal in the cold white noise.  Hailing from an area where coal mining and poverty are very real the band was determined to make a name for themselves in their community, and that’s exactly what they have done.  Music is their impetus.  The love for music, the creation of music, and the need for it to be heard is what fuels Earth By Train.  The hard and focused work ethic, like the hands that stoke the fire, is what drives Earth By Train.  Like a cool refreshing summer breeze, Earth By Train is coming to your town.

Front man Anthony Wayne, living in Nashville, TN, spent years on the road with acts such as Soulhat, Rusted Root, and The Delta Saints before moving back home to the hills of Southwest Virginia. Music is in his blood. Having the itch to get back into music, Wayne formed Earth By Train and selected four of the most talented musicians that Southwest Virginia has to offer. Several of the band’s members had recorded with multiple artists before stepping aboard his rock fueled locomotive. Aaron Lee played his first show at 13, with his father beside him, just so he could get into the bar, at 14 recorded his first studio album. He played in a variety of bands before Earth By Train, “I feel at home in Earth By Train,” Lee says. Mackenzie Carter began playing the bass at 16, played for his High School and College marching bands and back home in the Appalachians he is a bass guitar instructor at a local music store. Anthony LoBiondo grew up listening to Zepplin, the Stones, and the Beatles records with his dad, which inspired him to get into music. At 13 he began playing the drums at a neighbor’s house. There was no turning back for LoBiondo as he studied musical arrangement and theory, now with 20+ years experience he crushes it with Earth By Train. Robbie Mabe began playing at age 12, joined his first band at 14. His adulthood saw some touring with different bands playing everything from lead guitar in a heavy metal band to playing the mandolin in country and folk bands.

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