Fox Hunt

Scheduled for Oct 21, 2010 at Robinson in Music

“Won’t slow down ’til the wheels stop moving”

These words pretty much sum up the attitude of this band of do-it-yourselfers from West Virginia. Since 2006 The Fox Hunt have been building up steam and taking to the road like true warriors. Now after only four years the boys have cut through the heart of the country state-by-state, performing at endless bars & venues, appearing at numerous festivals, making countless friends, and in 2010, releasing what is now their third full length album, Long Way to Go, consisting of all original songs. Revved up and ready, they are fueled by passion and driven by the music. It won’t be long before they work their way into the hearts, minds, and voices of many.

Calling on tradition where appropriate, the Fox Hunt play fiddle-centered stringband and original country music through a single condenser microphone. Despite their delicateness in handling the traditional side of their repertoire, their roots go in all directions. They have a rough and rowdy stage show, constantly trading off roles by switching up instruments, exchanging vocals, or harmonizing in the background, all while weaving in and out of the microphone. The instrumentation itself is characteristic of old time string music, bluegrass, and early country, consisting of acoustic guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, and upright bass. The elements all together form a straightforward mix of bright melodies, identifiable lyrics, and rough, smoky arrangements, falling in well with both the barroom crowds and theatre audiences alike. Relentlessly touring 150 days a year or more, the Fox Hunt will surely be passing through a town near you soon!

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