Dirk Quinn Band

Scheduled for Oct 6, 2010 at 9:00 PM at Monaca in Music

Dirk Quinn is a Philadelphia based jazz/funk guitarist who has utilized nearly a decade of constant performing to develop a unique and progressive style. His band’s recently released sophomore album entitled QuinnTet features “thoughtful, original melodies flowing seamlessly over groove-heavy rhythms; intricate song structures giving way to strongly expressive, organic improvisations”. Drawing inspiration from music of all types, his solo acoustic sound has been compared to the guitar “pyrotechnics” of Keller Williams and Michael Hedges, while his full band compositions bear resemblances that range from the honest, urban funk of Soulive to the brave experimentation of Medeski, Martin and Wood.

Initially attracted to the guitar after being introduced to classic rock giants such as Led Zeppelin and The Who, Dirk’s thirst for the unique and bizarre soon had him jamming along to the more radical and daring Mahavishnu Orchestra and the humorous, bass-laden noise of Primus.

Playing virtually non-stop with countless musical projects afforded him ample opportunity to hone his chops. It wouldn’t be long before the refining of his own artistic message coupled with a fresh, new outlook and a deeper musical/life philosophy opened up to him the world of jazz. Miles, Coltrane, Monk and Brubeck along with the more contemporary sounds of Bela Fleck, John Scofield, Ahmad Jamal and Jaco Pastorius began heavily influencing his musical direction. Liberated by the idea of free improvisation, he was finally able to realize and focus his musical vision.

The new CD exhibits a musical confidence and a genuine excitement for this unique brand of groove-oriented jazz. Surrounding himself with a group of extremely talented and like-minded musicians, Dirk has been playing shows up and down the east coast while receiving an ever increasing amount of media attention. Locally, the music has been put in a regular rotation on Philadelphia’s 90.1 WRTI and 97.5-2 WJJZ-HD2. Nationally, he gets spins on XM Radio’s Beyond Jazz channel as well as on The Groove Boutique – a syndicated jazz/funk program that’s broadcast on FM in 13 cities nationwide. Dirk and the band have also performed live on Fox 45’s morning show in Baltimore and have had the great pleasure of guesting on Gene Shay’s Sunday night radio show on WXPN and Jeff Duperon’s Straight Ahead jazz program on WRTI – both in Philadelphia.

Since the inception of the Dirk Quinn Band at the beginning of 2007, the QuinnTet has already landed some prestigious bookings and have been honored to share the stage with such legends as Jimmy Bruno, Jim Weider (The Band), Rodney Holmes (Santana), Chico Huff (Pat Martino, John Swana), Jef Lee Johnson (George Clinton, David Sanborn), and Sam Kininger (Soulive).

The band’s high energy and musical interplay routinely attract listeners that are admittedly more accustomed to lyric-based music. ith great melodic sensibilities, rhythmic experimentation and an accessible modern edge, the Dirk Quinn Band is jazz/funk improvisation at its most exciting!