Meet the Mayor (foursquare Mayor, that is!)

Scheduled for May 4, 2014 at 3:00 PM at Robinson in Events & Tasting

mystery spode411


Come on by this Sunday for an informal sampling event with the foursquare loving @spode411.  Yes, there will be craftbeer samples available!

<– Mysterious photo of @spode411

Spode411, aka Becki, has been a very long term ‘mayor’ at our Robinson location, which means she is has checked in more than anyone else over a period of time via foursquare and announced it proudly on twitter. We really enjoy the fact that she is showing her love of Bocktown socially. She and a group of her friends have been gathering here quite consistently, all committing to bragging about their brews and their food socially. They are also big fans of logging their brews on @untappd.

If you would like to talk about eating and drinking socially, and learn more about Bocktown and the craft beers we spotlight, well, Sunday might be a nice day to do so.

Becki (@spode411) and our founder, Chris Dilla (@uncapd) will be sharing samples of their favorite brews this Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, and discussing social media use from both sides of the coin (personal and business.)  Be sure to look for our @foursquare check in specials Sunday! Please follow along and feel free to troll on us with hashtag #mayorspode.

In addition, we will be giving away one of our new Drink Beer From Here shirts, per hour… That is only 2 shirts, folks. They will NOT be available for purchase in person, but we do want to highlight the fun tee and let you know that the offer ends SUNDAY at Midnight!