Lew Bryson’s TV Series: American Beer Blogger

Scheduled for Jan 3, 2012 at 6:00 PM at Monaca in B-Log & Beer Social & Events & Special Events & Tasting

Today is a fine day for the craft beer industry! Lew Bryson, Pennsylvania’s own nationally acclaimed beer writer, has announced that he is making a television series about craft beer. His knowledge and vast writings on all things beer will fuel an excellent show, but he needs our support to make this happen. Take a moment to head to his kickstarter site: American Beer Blogger to pledge your support and be sure to come to our first big event of 2012:

Meet and  Greet with Lew Bryson

At our Monaca location on Tuesday, January 3rd from 6 until 8, Lew will discuss his new show, taste some great beers with us, and sign a copy of Pennsylvania Breweries for you. We suggest reservations for this event. Expect laughter, education, and a new friend!

Bocktown’s founder, Chris Dilla, has offered to match funds raised for American Beer Blogger that are pledged during the event. Come to the event and spend some of Dilla’s dollars!

No cover. Must be 21 to participate. Learn lots more about Lew Bryson and subscribe to his blog here.