Hail the Home Brewer!

Scheduled for Apr 25, 2012 at Monaca and Robinson in Events & Tasting

A Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week Bonus Hoppening!
Sample a home brew here!

The home brewer is a very unique person, they are producer and consumer all wrapped up in one. They are their own worst critics and often throw beer down the drain. They have a product that often, very often, surpasses the beer that is available commercially, because they don’t mind the cost of the ingredients, nor do they have to worry about the forces that govern what they call a beer, nor do they wonder if it is going to have a mass appeal.

Home brewing is part cooking, part mad science and mostly part love. Anyone that home brews can follow recipes just as we do when we first start learning how to cook. Then they become brave, more creative with their recipes and if you have a friend that home brews, you have probably been the fortunate recipient of their wares!

Some home brewers will always be hobbyists; Some will turn their love of the craft into a profession. Many breweries have been built this way. There is so much more to be said, and a lot is said here in the video:


Please join us this week to celebrate the home brewers that live and work amongst us here in Pittsburgh. If you visit either location this week, be sure to ask your server for a complimentary pour from the home brew tap! Each day we will showcase another area brew crafted with love by some of our area’s most productive homebrewers. Styles will vary each day through Sunday and will pour while supplies last for the day.  One per person per visit per location per day!

Please give us feedback for the brewers via Facebook or twitter! Tasting notes and brewer’s information will be on the tables each day!