Beeried Treasure: Rojo Ahumado Collaboration from East End Brewing & Lavery Brewing

Scheduled for Jun 19, 2014 at Monaca in Beeried Treasures


Rojo Ahumado


  • Collaborating Breweries: East End Brewing & Lavery Brewing
  • Brewed At: East End Brewing Company
  • Style: Smoked Red Ale with Chilies
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • Notes: Lavery and East end had been talking about collaborating for a few years and PCBW was the impetus to get us all together finally. We narrowed beer style possibilities down to a couple choices. One in the saison/belgian category, which was brewed at Lavery brewing, and the other in the smoked ale category. This latter brew, named above in spanish as ‘RED SMOKE‘ took the lightly smoked ale category and put a little chili spice twist into it using four different varieties of dried chilies. We used Lavery’s house California style ale yeast to ferment this brew and hopped it moderately with cascade and simcoe. We hope PCBW patrons find this ale to be balanced all around between the ingredients used and flavors projected. This beer will be distributed through Vecenie distribution company in half kegs and sixtels. Cheers!

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