July 26, 2011
Review: Beyond Just a Burger and a Beer

Why make your way through retail traffic, passing hundreds of other restaurants to come to Bocktown? Just ask Short & […]

January 4, 2011
Babes in Bocktown

I’ve work near Robinson Township a little over 4 years now. As I’m sure you’re aware, it’s essentially a big […]

City Paper states “Beer is the essence of Bocktown”

On the one hand, the beer-oriented restaurant concept isn’t exactly groundbreaking. In fact, it’s probably as old as beer itself… […]

December 29, 2010
Review: Binge! Eating in Pittsburgh

Bocktown is a perfect example of a gastropub; they get everything right. Their beer selection is massive; they offer plenty […]

December 28, 2010
Review: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Munch envisions purgatory as a daily dish of boring, formulaic sameness. This is the image that Munch has each time […]