Win Steel City Big Pour Tickets at Bocktown

Scheduled for Sep 10, 2016 at Robinson in B-Log

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The holiday of holidays for the Pittsburgh Beer Geek, the 10th annual Steel City Big Pour is Saturday, SeptemBEER 10, 2016.

Tickets sold out in record time, but our crew has a few to spare.

Enter to win

  • with every successful style id at Spoonwood Style Night
  • with every receipt September 6 – 8, 2016
  • by using the #BeerTEN hashtag

Not sure what the Steel City Big Pour is? Read on to see what to expect at the Big Pour

  • Beer samples from the most awesome local craft breweries and foods from the best of local restaurants — including Bocktown
  • Live music and art
  • Live beer and food ratings on the Big Pour App
  • Big Pour kegerator raffle
  • Big Pour’s own brew, created by East End Brewing
  • And Much, Much More!

From our unique warehouse ambiance, to the live music and art, to our wide selection of the highest quality local craft beers and food from our pick of the finest area restaurants—there is NOTHING like the Big Pour! Tickets regularly sell out within minutes, raising funds to sustain Construction Junction and our mission to promote conservation through the reuse of building materials.