Weighing in on Grass Fed Beef – by Chris Dilla

Posted on May 22 , 2014 in B-Log & Cheers

belted galloway

Over the years, new words enter our vocabulary and challenge us as restaurateurs to continue to learn and adapt to our consumers’ needs. In the case of grass fed beef, my husband and I were personally interested in eating proteins raised completely free of corn/grain to improve our own health and we were challenged with finding good resources. We realized we were not alone, and that others would want these grass fed products. We found that they do fly off the grocery shelves, and when or if you try to buy grass fed products online, you may have to commit to a whole animal, and even then you may see “sold out” for the year! We tried to think of other proteins that would naturally be grain/corn free and do try to incorporate a lot of lamb, duck, and fish (mainly salmon) into our diet as well, but found out that most all of these animals are being raised on feed to keep up with the food supply chain. My research for my family has led me to decide to buy on a larger scale and incorporate grass fed beef into Bocktown’s daily menu.

There is so much information out there and honestly, this is where most people tune out, as they just know that it tastes good and isn’t as bad for you as other beef… and really that is all you need to know.  After all, who doesn’t like a good burger? We now proudly serve grass fed beef every day of the year! If you want to understand more, please keep reading and educating your family and friends, and maybe we will be toasting our 100th birthdays together over a barrel aged craft beer!

Here’s the Beef!

Our grass fed beef is from a superior breed that properly digests the food they were born to digest, and is 100% raised and finished on grass. By nature of the slaughterhouse system (CAFOs) most all cattle is finished on corn to quickly add weight and fat, and just to wait it out for slaughter. OUR PRODUCT IS NOT FINISHED ON CORN, EVER. The Belted Galloway breed, or Beltie beef, as we usually refer to it as, is raised within 20 miles of both Bocktown locations, and is properly handled from start to finish. The USDA inspection facility properly ages the carcass to 21 days and cuts the meat to our specifications. The farmer who raises these Belted Galloways is our customer and has been since 2006, and he actually studies relentlessly about this method of raising cattle and will be retiring his full time job soon to grow his herd and his business. He in essence is a grass farmer with a heard of lawnmowers! Learn more about the specific reasons that grass fed cows produce healthier protein for us here at Healthy Theory.

The quick grass fed cattle facts:

  • Lower in both overall fat and saturated fat
  • Higher in healthy omega-3 fats
  • Four times higher in vitamin E
  • Higher in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)
  • NOT raised on antibiotics and GMOs

In addition, the carbon footprint of bringing this meat to the plate is extremely low in comparison to other meats and we are very proud of that factor. There are so many benefits to us, and the logic of utilizing grass fed beef should be pretty clear. You can head to any one of these sites and get lost for hours learning about what is happening to our world’s food production. If you can relate any of this to your friends, your family and to your stomach, we should all be just a little healthier and happier! – – Chris Dilla

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