Getting geared up for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

Posted on Apr 11 , 2015 in B-Log & Cheers

Just yesterday someone in the industry asked me to tell him my story, and how Bocktown came into the world. The better question is how did Pittsburgh get here in 2015, staring down dozens of amazing new breweries right in our backyard? The answer to both question is the same — WE LOVE CRAFT BEER.


Bocktown is my hobby and passion turned into a business. I used my common sense to know that if I wanted it, others must as well! Sure, back in the 90’s we called it micro brew, home brew, dark beer and even weird beer, but we were starving for more choices, consistency, quality, freshness and availability. Hell, I will admit it, I even drank my share of Pete’s Wicked Ale, because it was different and available. A lot of people outside of today’s growing craft beer industry seem to feel that this ‘trend’ has popped up overnight, but it hasn’t. Beer has been brewed forever and a day, and good beer at that. These newer breweries, depend heavily on that history, the combined knowledge, time tested recipes and science behind brewing to bring you something that they created. They put their hard work and passion towards quality and sharing their art with you. A lot of them were brewing in the 90’s, and some of our better known craft breweries are over 25 years old!  We just weren’t strong enough as consumers back then to keep all of them afloat, or maybe we weren’t able to learn about the beers as easily as we are able to do today.

With the advent and popularity of social media, smart phone technology, ratings sites, along with all of the great blogs, apps, databases, and sharing tools that help get the word out, we are exploding with knowledge and interest in the latest greatest craft beer. We wanted this industry, and now we have it!

Let’s continue to do our part as consumers to assure the success of of our local breweries and restaurants, by first patronizing the better beer bars and restaurants in our region as well as the local breweries, and doing so often, year round, not just during PCBW. Also, please be conscious to choose local when you can when you are doing any type of purchasing to keep dollars in your community.

Maybe I can get to my point, here… After all I said “Getting Geared up” for this year’s Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. You as the consumers are key to this week working as intended.  Do not forget to share your experiences, log your brews, and highlight events that you think are important through your own social networks, and most importantly, take the time to TASTE and appreciate the great products of these amazing, hard working artisans! We need your word of mouth, not in a 1990’s way, but in a 2015 way! Share, post, and interact this year, to help us make this year the best one yet.

The true key thing that is different here in 2015, that is so amazingly different, is that we actually have fresh, local choices that are as varied as hops varieties themselves, and they are good, no, GREAT products right here in Western Pennsylvania.  My palate may not be the same as a schooled beer judge’s, but I have tasted more beer than I should admit over the past 20 years, and during the last 9 years specifically I have met many of the ‘rockstar’ brewers from some of the most famous craft breweries. I can tell you that we now have our own beer celebrities, and almost all of the best beer I have ever tasted has come from within 300 miles and less of where I sit.

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week in 2015 is a testament to our area’s growth as a craft beer powerhouse. Please get out there and enjoy responsibly, meet some of our rock stars, support the companies who are working hard to assure you that this industry will remain strong. And please stop by for some of our events as well! Cheers, from one very happy beer drinking, glass clinking gal who is proud to call Western Pennsylvania home!  — Chris Dilla

Event information sorted by Bocktown locations are on the back of both of our April Calendars (Robinson and Monaca in pdf form) and combined on the PCBW site with a simple Bocktown search of the 2015 calendar!