Dr. Joel’s “The Grain Bill”

Posted on Jan 06 , 2011 in B-Log & Beer Social

Joel has visited Bocktown many times to share New Holland’s greatest and latest brews with us.  Now you can read along as he travels to other great beer cities through his blog, The Grain Bill. He states:

” My hope is that as you check in on this project you will learn some new faces and names in craft beer and also learn a bit more about the people you already know. At the same time I hope to shed light on some of the things that fly under the radar, but are so crucial to the way craft beer works, is made, is distributed, is enjoyed, is read about, is learned, and is perceived. “

He will probably discuss Bocktown on the The Grain Bill at some point this year, so stay tuned to his journey at: http://grainbill.blogspot.com/