WPA Buy Fresh Buy Local Partner Spotlight on Bocktown

Posted on Aug 11 , 2015 in Cheers



If you work up an appetite after a day of errands in Robinson or Beaver Valley, you may find yourself perusing a vast array of uninspiring chain restaurant options that populate these shopping meccas. And then, alas, your senses are piqued by the sight and smell of a local eatery.

Bocktown Beer and Grill first opened at the Pool City Plaza in Robinson in 2006. A location that surely gets lots of traffic, but would hometown pub fare draw crowds from the neighboring franchises? Chris Dilla and her team proved that it absolutely does. And this success led to a second location in Beaver Valley Mall just five years later.

Bocktown was born from a passion for people and the ambition to build a business around authentic relationships. From the partnerships that deliver better tasting ingredients to the community created by patrons who loyally return for the famous hot sausage meatballs washed down with one of more than 30 different locally-brewed beers, the ability to trace your meal to a nearby grower or maker is what Bocktown is all about.

“We might not be counting the exact number of miles, but we’re always working with farmers, producers, distributors, brewers and shops in our region,” says restaurant owner Chris Dilla. “We are committed to doing what we believe is right, not just what generates the most profit.” It’s this principle that underlies their food sourcing practices as well as all facets of their business, including the servingware they use and bulk amounts of recycling. They have even become a drop-off location for CSA subscriptions from Conover Organic Farm and Fellowship Foods so the trips to deliver the restaurant’s orders are more than worthwhile!

Dilla’s innate motivation to connect with our region’s quality food providers naturally led her to become a Buy Fresh Buy Local partner right when Bocktown launched (and they’re PASA members too)! Participating in the BFBL community has been a valuable network for Bocktown to source their ingredients. “Knowing that a farm or distributor is a fellow Partner is like a reputable seal of trust that makes my purchasing decisions easier,” says Dilla.

It’s not easy to run a restaurant in Southwestern PA that maintains a menu made from local ingredients year-round! But Bocktown always prioritizes buying from sources as close to the restaurant as possible. And this is one important reason why they value BFBL: “We’re excited that initiatives, like the new 1Local Program, can generate greater understanding of what ‘local’ means. I’m eager to see growing awareness among the consumer public.”

Anytime you stop into Bocktown for a bite, you’re sure to find a menu that highlights local partners and features dishes made specially with nourishing, in-season locally sourced foods–including organic and non-GMO produce to pasture-raised and grass-fed meats, and sustainably harvested seafood. Fun events happen every week, but make a point to go during mid-August (18th-23rd, this year) for an extra helping of local fare at Bocktown’s annual Local Fest! Visit Bocktown.com to check out the menu, get directions and mark your calendar for an upcoming event.