InCommunity Magazine Interviews Chef Michael

Posted on Feb 17 , 2016 in Cheers


A candid conversation with one of the Pittsburgh dining scene’s most engaging chefs: Michael Tollis, Executive Chef, Bocktown Beer and Grill.

Why did you become a chef?
While I was going to CCBC for accounting, I was working as a cook at a restaurant in Hopewell Township when I initially thought about cooking for a career. From the firrst time I stepped into the kitchen, I really enjoyed making great food that made customers happy. I liked working with a wild and crazy kitchen crew, and I really loved the challenge of putting out order on a busy Saturday night for 400 people.

What led you to become the chef at Bocktown Beer and Grill?
Chris Dilla, owner and founder of Bocktown Beer and Grill, and I had worked at Harold’s Inn in Hopewell together. She thought highly enough of my cooking talent that she asked me to be sous chef at a new restaurant she was opening. I was intrigued and accepted the job. It quickly turned into me becoming the head chef a little more than a year later.

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