End of the Bocktown Era

Scheduled for Jan 20, 2017 in Cheers



With deepest regrets, Bocktown Beer and Grill is closing after ten amazing years of service.

The end of an era is literally upon us. I would like to thank you each for your patronage, loyalty and support over the years. I am positive that you will all miss Bocktown as much as we will. It has always been a special place, a hidden oasis of craftbeer and fresh food served by smiling people. Your word of mouth helped us grow and sustain ourselves in our lonely, truly hidden plaza. We couldn’t have become one of the best gastropub destinations in the area without you!

But as they say, all good things must come to an end.

Simply put, we could not come to terms on a new lease or lease extension and will be closing in the coming weeks.

Also know that I will personally continue to look for solutions and a possible new location and/or direction for our brand. We could not overcome the challenges of this location and for that I am truly sorry. This very public notice may bring new opportunities to us, but the coming weeks will be a time to tuck in and diligently work to the best of my ability to help my staff find other jobs. If you have a need for knowledgeable, dedicated, hardworking employees, I have a few! Feel free to stop in and talk with them or simply email us via the Contact tab on our website with any openings. I will post them. You may also email us with all of your questions, concerns, ‘condolences’ and potential business opportunities.


Now a Little Good News — We are still open!

I was so upset that I was unable to give a notice to the public when we closed the Monaca location, so this time around I want to give you each much needed time to say goodbye. We will be here for you as always with great local brews, amazing food that you have come to love, smiling faces, hugs, and more than a few tears. We plan to stay open at least until the end of the month.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for any further announcements for reduced hours, or firm closing date.

When we opened our doors in 2006, Pittsburgh only had 3 breweries and the local gastropub scene was non-existent. Yinz guys, we have come a very long way! I could not be more proud of all that has come to be in our region and all of the great opportunities and experiences this era has given to us. It was a true pleasure to meet each and every one of you, to serve you and to become a part of your lives.

We will be maintaining a social presence, and look forward to continued relationships both professionally and personally with our Pittsburgh community.

With deep sorrow, #bocktown_love and respect,  Chris Dilla