Breaking Brews on Bocktown

Scheduled for Mar 1, 2014 in Cheers

Breaking Brews has selected Bocktown as their featured locale for March!

From their review:

One of the best elements you’ll find here is the “come as you are” attitude shared by everyone you’ll encounter. The common stigma of “beer snobbery” is nowhere to be found within these walls, as waiters, waitresses, and bartenders are well-educated on craft beer and able to help you make the best selection based on your tastes.


“We don’t ask our customers to have an encyclopedia of beer knowledge when they come to see us,” [Owner Chris] Dilla said. “Our staff is willing to let you tastes beers and discover what you like, then check with you to see if their recommendation was to your liking. It’s not about how beer is made, but more about connecting with the customer and describing the flavors they will taste.”


Easing into drinking craft beer full time demands a certain amount of education. It’s important to put yourself in an environment that allows you to enjoy what you’re drinking. At Bocktown, you’re not going to find something from the ‘big guys’ on tap because the idea is to keep the spotlight on the independent breweries with up-and-coming, unique offerings. Bars like Bocktown are proving you can survive and thrive by featuring beverages that challenge you, the consumer, to take a chance on something different.


“It isn’t just about the beer,” Dilla said. “It’s about trust and relationships. We are doing the work for our customers and isolating the choices down to 16 options from what’s hot, what’s regional, what’s timely and what’s worthwhile. We do the research for you, which allows you to continue to come in and receive beer education week after week.”

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