Thanks for the #Bocktown_Love

Scheduled for Jul 13, 2016 in Beer Social


“This is the best brew pub in the area.

Great food and great selection of local beers.

Great staff as well.” — Jene V. via Yelp (7/11/16)

It’s been a tough week since our Monaca location closed, but our entire crew has been blown away by the outpouring of #Bocktown_Love from our friends and loyal patrons.

Bocktown is more than just a restaurant or a building — it is a community. Our team strives to provide the very best service, an exciting craft beer selection, and amazing locally-sourced foods each and every day. We care deeply about what we do, and we hope it shows.

Whether you had an amazing experience or caught us on an off night (yes, it happens occasionally), we encourage you to share your thoughts with us. If your visit ever falls short, feel free to contact us directly so we can make amends and learn from our mistakes.

If you are a hoppy fan of Bocktown, please take a moment to tell the world via your favorite online review site(s):

“Hop” to see you soon!

— Chris and the Bocktown Crew