Kohser Farms offers Winter CSA

Posted on Oct 25 , 2014 in Beer Social

winterCSAIn keeping with our ongoing efforts to source our food products regionally, we have recently partnered with Kohser Farms for some of our everyday restaurant needs such as ground beef, pork, eggs and cheeses. Amid our business dealings and the success of the summer CSA with Conover Organic Farm, we did see a great opportunity to again share our resources and connections with our customers!


We are very happy to announce that Chip Kohser will begin his winter CSA subscription soon. You can sign up now, and deliveries will begin on Thursday, November 6th. This winter Bocktown will be offering CSA pick up at our Monaca location ONLY, due to space concerns throughout the winter months at the Robinson store. If you do live near our Robinson location, there are some convenient drop locations that may suit you on Chip’s website.

One of the most exciting parts of the Kohser Farms CSA is that you can add on other ala carte items to round out your shopping experience and avoid the grocery store almost completely. With Bocktown rounding out your shopping with the better beverage category, you should be all set! If he would sell soap and paper products, you might not need to make a trip to the grocery store at all! Please take some time to read his FAQ section before filling out your order form to learn more. Chip does send pre-drop emails and you can easily order add on items at any time.

Chip doesn’t have a farm in Monaca, but as you will shortly learn, he has a desire to work with area farmers he has known all his life to bring the best to us. He realized the need for the farmers to farm, and the chefs to cook. He has become a key connection in the process for us, bringing the products to market that he feels are worth promoting, and that we would not be able to buy through our larger vendors. His personal and innate attention to how meat is raised and processed, how the produce is grown, and who out there has products worth finding make him quite valuable to us. His core philosophy really shows a concern for what we are eating, how our food is raised, and how the farmers he works with are using best practices to assure his standards. You will find tags such as non-gmo, nitrate free, pasture raised, grass fed, hormone free and many other important concerns attached to his product offerings. These standards go a very long way towards putting local economic and agricultural sustainability into the minds and hearts of all who meet him. This stuff isn’t easy, and Chip is out there rallying for us and we thank him!

Please consider a Winter CSA today! You will find much more information about what Chip offers and his core philosophies by linking through to his website and order form.