411 on Vintage Beer

Posted on Aug 11 , 2016 in Beer Social


Like many wines, certain beers improve over time.

All beers? No way. Most beers in your house are losing flavor and aroma as you read.

Yet some beer are crafted to age well during the months and years, after they’ve been bottled. As sharp edges and hoppy notes fade, they develop become richer and more complex. It all depends on the beer.

You can drink the bottles on our Aged Beer List immediately, but we recommend further aging. Here are some helpful tips for starting a home beer cellar:

  • Find a cool, dark spot

    Temperatures should range between 55 and 65 degrees

  • Store Bottles Upright

    If you store a bottle on its side, the beer will eat away at the plastic lining that protects the beer from the metal cap

  • Drink Beers at Their Prime

    Check the bottle for “best by” dates and/or the Beer Advocate Cellaring/Aging Forum

  • Get Organized

    Keep track of your inventory and beer notes with CellarHQ 

  • Buy Multiple Bottles of the Same Beer

Hoppy Collecting!

Chris and the Vintage Beer Crew