‘B’ Green

Posted on Aug 02 , 2016 in B-Log & Beer Social



While the brewing industry has traditionally had a dismal ecological track record, the craft beer revolution began changing the landscape in the 1990s. According to Bryan Simpson, New Belgium’s media relations director, his company is focused on determining “how to do this work differently than what the industrial revolution laid down for us.”

Today craft brewers around the country are diligently working to become more environmentally friendly. As reported in Conservation Magazine, sustainable practices guide all business decisions at New Belgium Brewing where fossil fuel consumption has been drastically cut by capturing methane to create a renewable energy source. In the east, Georgia’s SweetWater Brewing Co donated $100,000 to its “Save Our Water” campaign this summer. Recently, Florida’s Saltwater Brewery introduced 100 percent biodegradable, edible six-pack rings. Closer to home, Philadelphia’s Yards Brewing Co and Cleveland’s Great Lakes Brewing Co were both named to Triple Pundit’s list of top 10 sustainable breweries.

From food to craft beer — even to paper shredding services — sourcing locally is important to Bocktown. Local breweries and CSA partners allow us to put even more fresh, local ingredients on your plate every day.

So while folks debate if cans or bottles are better for the environment, your best bet for “green beer” is drinking a pint of local brew from the tap at Bocktown!


Chris and the Local Crew